Ordinary Combustibles
Flammable Liquids
Electrical Fires

"A" class fires are normal every day combustible materials like wood, trash and paper,
we can remind ourselves what an "A" class fire is if we remember things that make an
It is important to know that not all portable fire extinguishers can put out an "A"
class fire.
Water Is acceptable on these types of fires.

"B" class fires are very dangerous they include flammable liquids and vapours. We can
remind ourselves how to identify a class "B" fire if we remember things that " bubble or
It is important to know that not all portable fire extinguishers can put out a "B"
class fire.
Never use water on a burning liquid
Using Water on a liquid fire can
cause it to spread!!

"C" class fires involve anything that can operate with electricity. These are very
dangerous and remind yourself how to identify it by remembering things that have
It is important to know that not all portable fire extinguishers can put out a "C"
class fire.
Using water with this type of fire can cause
electrocution or serious personal injury.
"price upon request" depending on your
computer rooms hazard risk specific types of
clean agent extinguishers may be required if
factory mutual or your insurance company
have told you what type to purchase, let us
know and we will source it for you.

Carbon dioxide or "Co2 extinguishers" not
recommended for computer rooms, price
upon request.
The most common fire extinguisher in North
America is the 5lbs ABC multi purpose fire
Order it today!!!
Each 5lbs ABC extinguisher comes with a wall
mounting bracket.  
Need us to install your
extinguisher for you?
 Make the request for the
install and SCO will include at no charge a fire
extinguisher location sign required under Ontario
Fire code Regulation at no charge thats a $9.95
value absolutely free.
Please note an ABC multi purpose dry
chemical fire extinguisher is not recommended for your computer
rooms.  GST & PST are applicable on the purchase of portable fire
Minimum Extinguisher inspection is $86.00
plus $3.85 per unit and $7.85 per hose re-rack.
In some buildings our mobile service may be
permitted.  If your existing Fire extinguishers need
service check out our pricing page here
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Smoke detectors save lives.  It's the truth
Need an inspection of your fire alarm/sprinklers? Our affiliates can provide
you direct contact and give you a fair price. We are family owned
companies share the same core values in Fire & Life Safety.
alarm/Sprinkler quotes
A fire extinguisher is a life safety device
A fire extinguisher is a life safety device
Inspections of your portable fire extinguishers is the law in Canada

OFC Article
Unless otherwise specified, the owner is responsible for carrying out the provisions of this Code.

OFC Article
Where this Code requires that records of inspections, maintenance procedures or tests be retained for examination by the
authority having jurisdiction, such records shall be retained during the required time interval between the inspections,
maintenance procedures or tests, or for 2 years, whichever is greater.

OFC Article
A written record shall be kept of all tests and corrective measures for a period of two years after they are made, and the
record shall be made available upon request to the authority having jurisdiction.

At SCO we perform and complete an inspection with proper paper work and your report is then transferred to a PDF file and
made available to you in both print and CD form.  Your printed form will have a separate form with all listed inspection
deficiencies found by our technicians with code references and recommendations and cost of repairs and or corrective
Lost your inspection report??  Not to worry we keep our reports on site for a minimum 5 years
Before attempting to use a fire extinguisher always raise the alarm to warn others and to get the
fire department on the way. Remember fighting a fire can put your life in jeopardy never fight it
alone always raise the alarm! If in a building with a fire alarm you must pull the fire alarm to warn
others . If the building does not have a fire alarm call 911 or have some one do it for you before
you attempt to fight the fire .Only attempt to fight small fires about the size of a trash can is a
good reference. If you have had formal training on the use of a fire extinguisher you must
remember it is a voluntary act in the work place please don't feel you must fight the fire its better
to evacuate if for any reason you are not comfortable.
If you fight a small fire in your home remember to warn all others in the house, have them leave
the house and call 911 for you from a safe place use the extinguisher and leave the house
immediately and wait for the fire department
DO NOT RE-ENTER YOUR HOME let the fire department do there job fire can strike any time and
can re-ignite even if you attempt to extinguisher it !

Remember the acronym, "P.A.S.S."               
P        ......Pull the Pin.

A        ......Aim the extinguisher nozzle at the base of the flames.    

S        ......Squeeze trigger while holding the extinguisher upright.  

S        ......Sweep the extinguisher from side to side, covering the
area of the fire withthe extinguishing agent.
Remember using a portable fire extinguisher
is a voluntary act in the work place!
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line of Fire & Life
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Portable Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers are essential for controlling a fire before it gets out of control. A partially charged, or neglected extinguisher may
not be reliable in a fire situation. All occupancies covered by the Ontario Fire Code require monthly and annual inspections of
portable extinguishers. Any dry chemical extinguisher, whether for private or commercial use, must be disassembled, inspected
internally and re-built every 6 or 5 years and hydro statically tested every 12 years. Extinguishers containing other agents are subject
to other periodic maintenance.
OFC Fire
Alarm Systems
Fire Alarm Systems are required to be maintained in operable condition at all times. As well, fire alarm systems shall be inspected in conformance with ULC-S536 and
the Ontario Fire Code. This code requires monthly and annual testing. Records must be kept by the building owner/manager for examination by your insurance
company and/or the authority having jurisdiction. Only technicians who have completed the Canadian Fire Alarm Association Technician Education Program, or an
equivalent course may perform repairs and inspections.        

OFC Sprinkler Systems
Automatic Sprinkler Systems (wet and dry) are required to be maintained in operable condition at all times. Maintenance and inspection is required monthly, quarterly
and yearly as mandated by the Ontario Fire Code. These inspections ensure the sprinkler systems are operable and ready for use should the need arise. Records of
your sprinkler systems must be kept by the building owner for examination by your insurance company and/or the authority having jurisdiction.

OFC Emergency & Exit Lighting Systems
Emergency lighting systems require test and inspections to be performed monthly and annually. The Ontario Fire Code mandates systems should be checked monthly
and annually to CSA 22.2 to ensure they operate in conformance with the manufacturer’s specifications.   

OFC Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems
Wet and dry kitchen suppression systems shall be inspected semi-annually by the terms of the Ontario Fire Code and NFPA 17, 17A and 96. Fusible links must be
changed annually or more frequently if mandated by the manufacturer. It is imperative to ensure the cooking appliances' fuel sources are properly interrupted upon
activation of the fire suppression system. Therefore testing does mean that a shutdown of the cooking equipment is required. Inspection reports must be kept by the
owner/manager for examination by and/or the authority having jurisdiction.    

OFC Industrial Fire Suppression Systems
Industrial Fire Suppression Systems, like Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems, require maintenance and inspections semi- annually under NFPA 17.
All occupancies covered by the Ontario Fire Code require monthly and annual
inspections of portable extinguishers. Any dry chemical extinguisher, whether for private
or commercial use, must be disassembled, inspected internally and re-built every 6 or 5
years and hydro statically tested every 12 years. Extinguishers containing other agents
are subject to other periodic maintenance.
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What type of extinguisher should I buy?
There are three basic classes of fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers must be labelled to show the class of fire they can extinguish.
•        Class A:
Ordinary combustibles such as paper, wood, rubbish, drapes and upholstery.
•        Class B:
Flammable liquids such as gasoline, oils, solvents, paints and flammable gases.
•        Class C:
Electrical fires involving Class "A" or Class "B" materials and live electrical power - overheated wiring, fuse boxes, stoves, motors etc.
Don't purchase a fire extinguisher if you're not sure. Call SCO and we will gladly help you choose what's right for your needs.

We carry a full line of fire extinguishers for every need, Stored pressure dry chemical fire extinguishers, Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers,Clean agent fire
extinguishers, Water pressure fire extinguishers, Cartridge operated fire extinguishers, Wet Chemical Kitchen fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing systems, Wheeled
unit fire extinguishers, Fire extinguisher bracket, Fire extinguisher signs and much more....... Don't guess about your fire extinguisher needs call the professionals and
get the advice and products you need.

Be cautious and careful
Know the correct type of extinguisher for the fire you are fighting. If you use the wrong type of extinguisher, you can make the fire worse and put yourself in danger.
Make sure the fire extinguisher your own is rated for A,B and C fires. Extinguishers rated ABC Multipurpose provide the required protection for all of the above types of
fire. There isa  number system that corresponds to the ABC rated extinguishers and this system provides the size of fire your extinguisher can put out. The large the
number rating the more effective a fire extinguisher can be. But remember only a trained person should attempt to use a portable fire extinguisher.
Take care of your extinguishers
Extinguishers require regular care. Learn how to inspect your extinguisher by reading your operator's manual. Follow the manufacturer's maintenance instructions.
Remember to recharge reusable extinguishers and replace disposable models after every use or when the manufacturers manual deems it necessary. ALL Dry
chemical fire extinguishers are subject to a 6 year service, which includes replacing the chemical inside the fire extinguisher.
Where should you install the extinguishers?
Always install your fire extinguishers in plain view, out of the reach of children, and near an exit route, away from stoves and heating appliances. Ideal locations for your
extinguishers are in the kitchen, workshop, upstairs and at the top of a basement stairwell.
A Fire Extinguisher is your first line of defense against small fires
but remember that a Portable fire extinguishers has limitations. A portable fire
extinguisher can only be used affectively against a small fire , for example the size of a
waste paper basket. When used properly, an extinguisher can save your life and
property by putting out a small fire or containing it until fire department arrives.
Fire extinguishers NEVER replace the need to call The Fire Department.               
Always call 9-1-1 first when a fire occurs, no matter how small.
Fire extinguishers are not designed for use on large fires. Be cautious of fire that
spread quickly as a fire extinguisher may not be affective when a fire is too large.
Always have an escape route before you attempt to use a fire extinguisher. Even on
small fires, extinguishers are effective only under the following conditions:
•        The extinguisher must is the proper type or "Rating" for the type of fire being
•        The extinguisher must be large enough for the fire at hand.
•        The extinguisher must be fully charged and within easy reach.
•        The person must be trained in the proper use of the extinguisher.
•        The person must be physically capable of lifting, handling and operating the
Fire Extinguisher Inspections
sales and service
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We are fire safety professionals and perform repairs, inspections, installations and
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Smoke detectors save lives
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Smoke detectors save lives.  
It's the truth
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