100% Canadian Owned and operated.    SUB COM ONE Ontario LTD 971032404/ Operating as SCO Fire & Life Safety  Toronto Ontario 416 901 9198
Emergency Lights and batteries.
Most 6 volt batteries $24,95
12 volt fire alarm batteries and more.... If you know what size battery you need we have
it , if we don't we will source the battery for you. When you buy batteries fro us we
deliver and can dispose of the old batteries for you.
We perform proper emergency light inspections as per the standards.
We check float, load and residual voltage. We check the charging current to help
determine the health of the unit. Did you know that you just have an emergency light
inspection every year?
We carry the new "running Man'
Emergency exit units. If you are
renovating your business in Ontario
you will be required to install Running
Man exit signs.
Battery packs of all sizes depending on
your needs.
We still have the old versions of exit
emergency light combos.