Warning some of the scenes and pictures linked to this page mare graphic in nature
the intention is to show children the dangerous consequences when you handle fire

Millions of families enjoy professional fire works display all around the world every year. In Canada we have 2
major Holidays that we celebrate with fire works. Many enjoy a fire works display at their own home . There
are some people that play games with fire works!!! And thats what I am talking about in this editorial.
I'm Michael O'Toole President of SCO Fire & Life Safety. I am writing this letter to you the parents of children
that have been or may unlawfully use fire works. Some of the pictures are graphic in nature if you choose to
show your children these images to deter them from using fire works illegally then that is our intention.
If you feel that children in your neighbour hood have fire works what should you do ?
Well sales of fire works to any one under the age of 18 is illegal... Report any dealer that you know is breaking
this law. We don't let our children but cigarettes!!! Don't let them play with fire works.
You can be pro active as a parent if your children are very small and you enjoy fire works in your back yard
start no. Don't buy sparklers!!! Putting these  
RED HOT fire sticks in there little hand you are teaching them
that it is OK to play with fire !!!! Its never OK to play with fire.
For some of us parent our children are older and may be taking part in these games other play using fire
works. If you are a parent and you think your children are playing with fire works do some thing NOW! Have
them look at these
photo's of real life injuries in Canada just last Victoria day!!!